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American Flag Pole Kits

This American Flag Kit comes with everything you need to set up and display your American Pride! Show your support with a complete US Flag pole Kit that stands strong through all weather. This easy to assemble Flag pole kit is the perfect activity or gift for anyone!


Each Flag Pole Kit includes a sturdy 3-piece pole, strong attachment cord, brass-plated eagle ornament, solid metal wall bracket with screws included, and complete, easy-to-install mounting instructions. Our American Flag etiquette brochure, “It’s Your American Flag”, is also included with every kit.

Wait a second! Want a Military or State Flag Kit instead? We also offer all types of Military Flag Kits, such as Navy Flag Pole Kits, Marine Corps Flag Pole Kits, Marine Corps Retired Flag Pole Kits, Army Flag Pole Kits, Air Force Flag Pole Kits, Coast Guard Flag Pole Kits, and many more varieties. We also offer Texas State Flag pole kits, New York Flag Pole Kits, and many more!

Show your support and patriotism with this beautiful product. The perfect choice for your home, office, garden or any other property.

This flag kit comes with everything you will need to set-up and display your American Pride just about anywhere in the outdoors.

Your set includes:
  - 3'x5' U.S. flag
  - brass plated eagle ornament
  - 3-piece metal pole
  - bracket and flag mountings


Steel mounting bracket with screws and
instructions are delivered with each kit
to be hung anywhere you wish.

Embroidered stars are
densely sewn with a
distinctive classic look.

Each of our U.S. Home Flags
come with a unique brass
plated eagle ornament.

Each flag is delivered with an
easy to install 3-piece metal flagpole
kit to be hung at your convenience.

Our U.S. Home Flags are extra strong and double-stitched Fly ends have either 2, 4, or 6 rows of double-stitching to ensure durability.

A strong brass ring is attached to every flag to ensure durability.


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