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FlagnBanner - Frequently Asked Questions

ABOUT US A.G.A.S. is a manufacturing and distributing company of  Car Flags, Windsocks and other Flag related products. We offer stocked, custom made & licensed Car Flags. Our wide range of advanced manufacturing devices enable us to custom make each order to the exact specification of our client. If you have an Idea, we will manufacture it for you.

PAYMENT We accept Amex, Discover, Visa and MasterCard as well as personal checks and money orders. Fee for a returned check is $20. Please note deposits / down-payments are non refundable.

DESIGNS & SAMPLES We can manufacture any design requested. The design can be sent to us through E-mail, Fax or Mail to the address located on the Contact Us page.
On reorders of a custom-made design or on a design that we already have, there is no setup fee. In this case there is also no need to send us the desired design and it does not need to be sent for approval.
Manufacturing will start once the design/sample has been approved.

LICENSE For official licensed products please check out our price list or contact us to see if we have the requested design.
Custom made licensed designs will be manufactured under the customer's license. If you already have an authorization for the design you request we can manufacture them for you under your license.


We specialize in Car Flags and we manufacture & distribute any type of Car Flag:  Custom-made designs, Licensed, Stocked, Blank Flags, Car Flag pole or any other custom made product.

We offer high quality Car Flags Our Car Flags offer an option that most Car Flags don't: Our pole is very thin, which allows the user to put the Flag on his/her Car and then take the Flag with him/her and use it as a hand held Flag as well. Our Flags are made from 100% polyester. This material is a soft, lightweight fabric. It is strong, wind-resistant, and water-resistant, and is therefore the most suitable material for Flags. Our Flags are double-stitched, which makes them more durable than one-stitch Car Flags or Car Flags that are not stitched at all.

We give an excellent service Each order is custom made to fit the exact needs of our client. We can supply all the flag needs of our customers.  Our delivery time is flexible according to the client's demands. We drop ship for our customers, and promise to do our best to make every customer satisfied.

We offer the lowest prices